Our Mission

We will utilize our critical microbial control experience in pharmaceuticals, industrial and life science facilities to adapt and transfer better technologies and better methods for the control of germs and infection to the places where the public is exposed and at risk.

We will make highly effective, verifiable vapor sterilization/disinfection practical and affordable to help reduce the risk of infectious disease in schools and daycare, healthcare and assisted living, sports and gyms, hotels and hospitality, offices and other facilities; as well as busses, planes, trains, aircraft and ships.



Airliner_A320_InteriorMost people long for a break from the daily routine of work, school, family responsibilities and everyday worries. When they decide to “get away from it all” by planning a vacation, they do so with excitement and anticipation of all things wonderful. Most don’t give a second thought to the possibility that their choice of transportation could make them sick—or much worse.        Read More...




Who would think that going to a hospital, urgent care center or other healthcare facility would actually be putting your well-being at risk? Irony at its worst. But it’s all too true for comfort. Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), also known as nosocomial infections, are one of the leading causes of death in the United States.   Read More...



School & Universities


There may be no greater hotspot for the explosion of germs and bacteria than schools. Students spend an average of 6 hours a day, 180 days a year in their school environment. Many times, children are sent to school with coughs, colds, flu symptoms, or with illnesses brewing under the surface. Students sit, eat and play in close contact with each other all day. Perfect storm situation for the growth and spread of pathogens.  Read More...

 CANI II Dry Fog Vapor System guarantees the decontamination and destruction of dangerous super pathogens that threaten the health and well being of the public in living, working and healing environments.



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