Client Testimonials

We had several areas of our school that contained heavy musty and moldy odors. Staff and students were complaining of ill health effects each time they were in these rooms. After CANI, Inc. completed their dry fog treatment, the odors and the complaints vanished! The crew worked quickly and efficiently, and even more impressive was the fact that they provided documentation verifying that the spaces were sterilized. I now feel confident that our students’ health and safety are secure.

Dr. Thomas P. McCann


Vineland High School

Vineland, NJ



St. Helena SchoolI am incredibly grateful for the professional service we have received from CANI, Inc. Their use of a sterilization process that is beneficial to our 557 students AND also in harmony with creation is magnificent!

We started using this company and their products in December 2014, at the height of cold and flu season. They have been most helpful in instructing our maintenance crew in the proper use of their products to ensure the lasting effect of their decontamination process.

We started tracking our student absenteeism and are beginning to see a decline. This is especially helpful as we have several students with impaired immune systems. Our goal is to keep our school as clean/safe as humanly possible! Thanks to CANI, Inc. this dream is becoming our reality! I highly recommend this company and their staff to schools and institutions that serve the public!

Sister Cathe Shoulberg, RSM


Saint Helena School

Blue Bell, PA